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October 26, 2012
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HP pst_p04a
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Oct 26, 2012, 5:30:51 PM
Random Superjail doodles by MistressKilda Random Superjail doodles by MistressKilda
Wow, i'm just so scared to upload this but oh well everybody's an ass :icontrollolplz: So what we have here today is some little random doodles that i did for no reason at all . Guys please don't take my art and put it on tumblr please or at least give me a copyright . Well anyways recently on superjail we found out some pretty werid shit more then the normal werid shit like Chrice Thinks Stapling and busy work that your boss gives you is sexy :P ??? and Mistress is now a hippy, so i'm sure Jared and Charice can do all the Stapling they want with each other . And besides that i at long last saw the 2012 Lorax and loved it so yeah Once-ler has another fangirl to boot! and so this random peace-of-shit came out and blahblahblah . Warden doesn't care for his "fanboy" here copying him and the Lorax is happy to find some people his size to "pounce" on . And guys it's Superjail so you can ether draw sex or blood cause that's what it's all about sex jokes and bloody fights ok? Also i drew Fluttershy wearing devil wings cause of halloween coming up and my oc's Raymond and Lizzie on the side there just depressingly cuddling cause here's the deal Lizzie only wants to be in superjail cause her boyfriend Raymond is in there and she wants to get him the fuck out and plus it's Warden's time not time of the month you pervs his time to die and with Lizzie being a reaper she might as well kill two birds with one stone ((except she's not killing Raymond :P)) Warden falls in love with her and her sadistic ways but she wants nothing to do with him at all . She two faced Warden and tries to suduce him into letting a inmate out but Warden takes it the wrong way Lizzie get's pissed off with his colorful personality and wants to get rid of him as soon asap . Lizzie does befriend Alice along with Mistress and Chrice and just uses threats to Jared with the whole i'm the bosses fav so you better do what i want thing . She and the Gays get along and watch moives in there cell when Warden makes everybody see a really shitty one . Lizzie later finds out that two young kids are in the jail as well known as the Pines Mable and Dipper along with There Great-Unlce . Lizzie makes amends with them and everynight has bets with there Grunlce in a game of poker if she can get them out of the jail He'll pay her and if she can't She'll pay him. They laugh and hang out he's like the grandfather she never had the doctor in Halloweentown has never felt like a real grandfather-ly type to her . Lizzie sees Raymond every night and sometimes if the inmates are at superbar or superwhatever they'll have an adult sleep over only to be ratted out by Stingray later on. Lizzie then finds out later that Warden has planed to do shock teatment on Raymond , but before he can kill him with the last shock Lizzie who couldn't stand Raymond's screams shoots Raymond to put him out of his torment saying that she rather have the pain that she killed Raymond then Warden kill Raymond ...................................
SamanthaWolfox Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SamanthaWolfox Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
who wouldnt love this amazing piece of art work here sis

I dnt care wat anyone says
there just jellyfish for the talent you have that god gave to you

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